April 18


After reading a non-fiction book and watching some You Tubes of Giant Pandas, we watched the pandas live on the panda cams at the following zoos:

Go to this link to watch the pandas at the Atlanta Zoo.

Go to this link to watch the pandas at the San Diego Zoo.

We made pandas too!

Some Interesting Panda Facts:

Pandas are native only to China and live in the mountains.
Pandas are herbivores and eat bamboo 10 to 16 hours a day.
Pandas are good climbers and love to tumble.
Panda cubs are pink, hairless, and blind at birth.

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3 thoughts on “Pandas

  1. Dawn Clements

    School is fun and the China unit has been facinating! We love hearing at home what is being learned in the classroom. The smiling faces with their panda creations made my night.

  2. Faith Ricardson

    Mrs. Bright ~ That’s an awesome blog!!!! Can you put what we will doing next on the blog so my mom can help me please? You are an awesome teacher with cool ideas:)

  3. pbright2 (Post author)

    Tomorrow, there will be links to some great sites where you and your mom can practice what we are learning about states.

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