March 22

Wonder Words

We have added a new feature in our classroom. When children read just right books, they should know almost all of the words in their book choices. However, if they come across a word they don’t know, they may add it to our “Wonder Words”.  We define the words together. They are very enthusiastic about this activity and their vocabulary is growing! I have a hunch that I’ll start to see these words in their written assignments.

During reading today, we defined gawked, cinch, instantaneous, unravel, and feeble.

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March 22

21st Century Teachers

What is a 21st Century teacher?  This topic is being debated in the world of education today.  At KRCS, we believe that within the context of mastering core subjects, 21st century learning includes:

1.  Global awareness

2.  Creativity and innovation

3.  Critical thinking and problem solving

4.  Collaboration and communication

5.  Information media and technology skills

6.  Life and career skills