May 23


Wanted to share something about my sweet daughter.

Kelsey is very involved with SIFE at Belmont University. The goal of SIFE is to develop socially responsible business leaders. This week her team is competing in Kansas City. Her university will present on Wednesday.

From the Kansas City Star

About 3,000 college and university students are converging on the Kansas City Convention Center today though Thursday for the SIFE USA National Expo.

The annual competition of regional championship teams is a showcase of multimedia projects that are presented to panels of business-leader judges. Winning teams go on to represent the United States in world competition Sept. 30-Oct. 2.

This year’s competition requires the students to present projects “using business tools to improve the quality of life and standard of living for others.”

The teams will be rated on such criteria as how well their projects help entrepreneurs be successful, or how they help the unemployed learn skills to become employed, or how to improve the financial security of families or neighborhoods.

The event also includes a job fair at which about 50 companies will accept applications or recruit among the student participants.

SIFE, which originally stood for Students in Free Enterprise, is a nonprofit organization that encourages higher-education students to learn and use business tools “to create a better, more sustainable world.”

Update:  Just heard that they have made it to the semi-finals!

May 23

Reading and Sign Language

We read Moses Goes to a Concert in reading.  The story is about a class of deaf children who go to a concert. The orchestra’s percussionist is also deaf.  The story is written both in English and Sign Language.  I have taken two classes in Sign Language, so it was fun to help the children learn the signs.  You can also learn signs at this site.  American Sign Language

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