July 12

Summer Vacation

I sure am enjoying my time off, but I miss everyone and wonder what adventures each of you have had this summer.  I just returned from a visit to Kentucky and Ohio to see my family.  Kelsey was able to drive in too.  I’ve been able to complete lots of projects around the house and my kitchen is in the process of being renovated (LONG overdue!).  I’ve braved the heat and added to my garden.  So grateful for the rain this week!  Love working out and getting lots of rest!  I’m also spending a little time at school doing a mini-makeover of my classroom.   Please leave a comment and give us the highlights of your summer.

July 12

New Series

I love discovering new series for my classroom library. When I visited my niece and nephew, rising third and fifth graders, they recommended two new series. I have read half of the first book in each series and they are great fantasy stories.

The first series of four chapter books is Nathaniel Fludd, Beastologist  by LaFevers. The books chronicle the adventures of young Nathaniel “Nate” Fludd, a beastologist in training, who travels the world in search of mythical beasts like the phoenix and unicorn.

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The second series of three chapter books is Doll People by Martin. This story is about the adventures of a doll family who has lived in a dollhouse for over 100 years.


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