July 12

Summer Vacation

I sure am enjoying my time off, but I miss everyone and wonder what adventures each of you have had this summer.  I just returned from a visit to Kentucky and Ohio to see my family.  Kelsey was able to drive in too.  I’ve been able to complete lots of projects around the house and my kitchen is in the process of being renovated (LONG overdue!).  I’ve braved the heat and added to my garden.  So grateful for the rain this week!  Love working out and getting lots of rest!  I’m also spending a little time at school doing a mini-makeover of my classroom.   Please leave a comment and give us the highlights of your summer.

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4 thoughts on “Summer Vacation

  1. Amy Simons

    Glad you had a great trip! Good luck with the kitchen remodel…I know you will be thrilled when it is finished!

    We just got back from a HUGE road trip. 1 month, 12 states, 6900 miles! Saw the Grand Canyon, Arches National Park, Legoland, Giant Sequoias, Continental Divide, Disneyland, and lots of family in Colorado. Plus, a few oddities along the way…world’s largest Superman statue, 6 legged cow, world’s largest Van Gogh replica, etc… Loads of fun (and now 2000 pictures to sort through!)

    When you expanded your garden, did you plant any fruits and veggies to break in the new kitchen? 😉

  2. pbright2 (Post author)

    I did plant some herbs, but they are struggling with this heat. Now that’s a road trip! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  3. Chris Dwyer

    Paige & I have enjoyed your summer updates! Your dad looks great in the picture.

    We are stepping out of our box, and flying to Rome, Italy for 9 days. We leave this Friday. We have always wanted to go, and the time is right for our family:) We plan on walking a lot, seeing many museums and churches, and eating! Paige will be our gelato expert:)

    Hang in there with the kitchen, you will LOVE cooking again!!

    Take care,
    The Dwyer’s

  4. pbright2 (Post author)

    We took a family trip to Rome last summer. So much history! Kelsey loved the gelato too! Can’t wait to hear all about your time there.

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