September 1

Morning Meeting

Every day we use the calendar and weather chart to review math concepts.

I write upcoming events on the calendar and the children refer to it often. They write the numbers on the calendar each day. This month we are using cardinal (counting) numbers, but we will use ordinal numbers in September.  n future months, watch for number words and Roman numerals. I ask questions about the calendar. For example, what are the dates of the Fridays in August?  If today is the 3rd, what date will it be in two weeks? If August ends on a Friday, on which day of the week will September begin?

This month our weather chart is a tally chart. In upcoming months, watch for a pictograph, bar graph, and circle graph.

We add a penny each day and then make trades for nickels, dimes, and quarters. When we reach the 100th day, we will have a dollar.

We are also learning to write the word and expanded forms of each number and to determine if a number is odd or even. We will begin rounding to the nearest ten in September.

Each day four children write an equation that equals the date. Our mental math skills are growing stronger, and we are recognizing number patterns. We work on skip counting, multiplication and division too.

It is amazing how many skills we cover in just a few minutes!

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