November 12

Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day to my dad!

He served both in WWII and the Korean War.
He also spent years in the Coast Guard reserves.
Do you have a veteran in your family?
Leave a comment, so we can honor him or her too!

Thanks for serving Captain!

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2 thoughts on “Happy Veterans Day

  1. Susan Baur

    Mitchell’s 93 year old Great Grandfather Charlie Wollmer served during World War II as a First Lieutenant in the Third Armored Division. He was awarded the Purple Heart.

  2. Maeve Simonds

    Both grandfathers served their country. Grandfather Simonds was a Captain in the Korean war serving in the medical corp. Grandfather Rittgers was a Westpoint graduate serving three tours in Vietnam. He ended his career as a Lt Col. under the command of the last 5 star General Omar Bradley. We think of you both today and every day.

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