August 29

Plant Study

We have been learning about the parts of plants and the life cycle of plants through experiments.

We cut off the roots of one of the Dusty Miller plants.  It is now easy to pull the plant up out of the pot and it is wilting because there are no longer roots to absorb water.  We placed the roots in another container to see what will happen.

After learning about different types of soil, we planted bean seeds in sandy, clay and potting soil which contains more humus (dead plants and animals).  New vocabulary included sprout and seedling.

We softened the hard seed coats of beans and then each of us pried open the seed to see the stored food, a tiny root, and leaf.

3 bean embryo

We each observed the holes around the edge of a slice of celery.  These are openings to little tubes in which water, minerals, and food travel up and down the stem.  Then we placed celery in food coloring.  You can actually see where the colored water traveled up the stem to the leaves.

We took a cutting of a plant to see if it will grow new roots.

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