November 11


I will occasionally share literary terms that we are learning.  We spent time on alliteration and now we’ll be watching for onomatopoeia.  The children love these power words and I hope you’ll be able to reinforce the concepts at home when you read together.  Onomatopoeia is the use of sound words in writing.  I will also encourage the children to use onomatopoeia in their own writing.

November 9

Fact and Opinion

We completed two writing activities to demonstrate our understanding of the difference between facts and opinions.  As a class we compiled a list of facts and opinions about fall and displayed our ideas among deciduous trees.

 We each chose an animal photo and wrote a fact and an opinion about that animal.  I asked the children to demonstrate the knowledge they gained during our animal unit.

November 7

Persuasive Pumpkins

We are learning that authors write for different purposes.  It’s as easy as P.I.E!  Authors write to persuade, inform, and entertain. We tried to think of ways to persuade others to pick our jack-o-lanterns form the patch.  Which one would you pick?