January 30

Noun Activities

We did two activities to increase our understanding of nouns. I taught the children how to use Microsoft Word. They quickly learned how to change the font and to insert and resize pictures. Our sentences contain a person, place, and things.











We also wrote four people, four places, and four things that are important to each of us.

January 30

100 Year Olds

We used an app called Oldbooth to age our faces to 100 years old on the 100th day of school. Each child chose a mask to pull over his/her face. The eyes, hair, and teeth belong to them. We practiced writing commands (one of the four types of sentences) to share advice on how to live to be a happy, healthy 100 year old.

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January 24

100 Piece Puzzles

In honor of the 100th day of school, we completed 100 piece puzzles with partners. Puzzles are great for developing spatial awareness, visual discrimination, and problem-solving skills. The children approached the puzzles with different strategies and had to collaborate with their partners.

January 17

Interesting Fact

How did the planets receive their names? All of the planets, except for Earth, are named after Greek and Roman gods.

Mercury- winged Roman god of travel
Venus- Roman goddess of love
Mars- Roman god of war
Jupiter- Zeus by the Greeks
Saturn- Roman name for for the Greek Cronos, god of farming
Uranus- Greek god of the sky
Neptune- Roman god of the sea

We discussed this fact and decided that God wouldn’t want his beautiful creation to be named after a false god!  (Something to think about.)

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