January 16

Astronomy Apps

The children are really enjoying our space unit and have lots of questions. I am sharing two astronomy apps with you below.  They are similar apps for viewing what can be found in the sky above you.  You point your i Pad skyward, and see a real-time, geolocated display of the heavenly bodies overhead—stars, constellations, planets, satellites, and galaxies.

Night Sky app:

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January 15


One of our new literary terms is parody.  A parody is a humorous imitation of a writer’s style.  We recently read Good Night iPad by Ann Droyd which is a parody of the popular children’s book Good Night Moon by Margaret Wise Brown.  I know it will make you laugh too!  Watch it below:

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January 8

Great Practice

Need something for your kids to do on these cold, wintery days.  I found this great new site:

Room Recess Games

RoomRecess.com is focused on providing children with free educational games. Our games reinforce important skills that are vital to elementary students and their learning process. RoomRecess.com was developed entirely by an elementary school teacher with the goal of reinforcing fundamental learning concepts in math, reading, spelling, language arts, and basic problem solving. Because our educational games are free, students do not have to sign up or hold an account with us. Children can simply load up an activity and have fun learning while they play.”