March 6

The Perfect Snow Day!

We recently completed a project that we took through the writing process- prewriting, rough draft, revise and edit, final draft, and publish.  Our final drafts are displayed in the hall and we have received many compliments!

Prewriting:  We read There’s No Day Like a Snow Day, and listed activities you could do if it snowed.  We experienced real snow days too!

We wrote our rough drafts using a sticky note graphic organizer.  This system allowed us to easily rearrange our sentences during the revising process.  I  instructed the children to write a paragraph with a main idea, supporting details, and a closing sentence.  Then we listed ways we could make our writing more interesting- varying sentence length, beginning sentences in a variety of ways, including figurative language (alliteration, similes, or onomatopoeia), descriptive words and greater detail.  One of my goals was for them to use transition words- first, next, later, afterwards, finally, etc.


Then I met individually with each child to help them revise (clarity, language, and sequence) and edit (punctuation, capitalization, and spelling) his/her rough draft. We copied our rough drafts in paragraph form.  We are learning to indent the beginning of a paragraph.

Finally, each child made a snow setting and glued a picture of him/her into it. I took these pictures during our blizzard dress down day.

006  007

This was a lot of work, but the final products and the skills the children mastered made it well worth the effort!