May 13

Third Grade

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We have been sharing memories and recalling all of the fun we’ve had together this year. I introduced the word bittersweet as meaning feeling both happy and sad. Some of us are a little anxious about third grade, so we began to brainstorm all the new and exciting changes that are ahead of us next year.

In Third Grade We Will:
-play on a different playground with a field!
-have soup and flavored drinks at lunch.
-use hardback books for all our subjects.
-have a choice of rolling backpacks.
-get” real” grades- A, B, C, but hopefully not F.
-have a classroom upstairs with all the other “big” kids.
-have bigger desks and chairs.
-make new friends.
-use binders.
-switch rooms for more of our classes.

Wow, third grade is going to be awesome!

May 13

Gallon Creatures

We finished our math book, so I have been teaching mini-lessons to introduce a variety of concepts.  Today we had a lesson on capacity. We learned that two cups equal a pint, two pints equal a quart, and four quarts equal a gallon. Quarts is similar to quarters and just like there are four quarts in a gallon, there are four quarters in a dollar, an hour, and a football game.

Max made a great observation. The words gallon, quart, pint, and cup are in order by the number of letters found in each and by their capacity size.

We made these gallon creatures to help us compute capacity problems.


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