May 22

Third Grade Visit

We visited with Ms. Reardon’s and Ms. Chandler’s third grade classes. Before we visited, we generated a list of questions that we wanted to ask the third grade experts. After our visit, we felt more confident about moving to third grade.

These are some of the questions we asked:
Why do you like third grade?
Do you have any class pets?
Is third grade a lot harder than second grade?
What do you study in science and social studies?
Can you bring your own device for “just right “reading?
How is third grade different from second grade?
Are you changing anything in third grade next year?
In second grade we fill up cards, what do you do for good behavior in third grade?
How many textbooks do you have in third grade?
Do you have class jobs?
Is there a Parent Spot?
Do you have any research papers?
How much homework do you have in third grade?
Do you write everything in cursive?
What can I do this summer to be ready for third grade?
Do you keep everything in a binder?
Do you switch classes?
How long do you have recess?  Which game is the most popular?
Do you have a student of the week?
What field trips do you go on in third?
Which soup is your favorite?