August 23

Pekin Ducks

Kindergarten and first grade classes began science lab with a lesson on Pekin Ducks.  We have two Pekin ducks, Cheese and Quackers, on the pond behind the school.

science lab 2

Pekin ducks originally came from China. They are birds and have a backbone. Duck’s feathers are covered with oil and ducks preen their feathers to keep them clean.  Their downy feathers keep them warm. Ducks have webbed feet.  They have no blood flow or nerves in their feet, so they can’t feel the cold when they walk on the frozen pond during the winter months. Pekin ducks waddle and swim, but they can’t fly.  Males are called drakes, females are hens, and the young are called ducklings. Duck eggs take 28 days to hatch. Pekin ducks forage for their food.  They are omnivores (eat both plants and meat) and their diet consists of snails, slugs, bugs, worms, and plants.  You should not feed our ducks bread.

Then we went to the pond, observed the ducks, and fed them a snack.

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