July 1


I shot this picture quickly while walking near Fort Clinch on Amelia Island.  The trees were filled with spiders. Fascinating, but I decided not to go hiking!

The golden silk spider, also known as a banana spider, is a large orange and brown spider with feathery tufts on its legs. It is particularly despised by hikers and hunters in Southeastern states, as during late summer and fall the large golden webs of this species make a sticky trap for the unwary. The female (2 1/2 to 4 cm long- not including legs) is among the largest orb-weaving spiders in the country. Males are about 4 mm to 6 mm long, dark-brown, and are often found in the webs of females. These spiders feed primarily on flying insects, which they catch in webs that may be greater than a meter in diameter.  From Discover Florida Nature

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