October 29


My first grade scientists are studying nocturnal animals. After learning that we need light to see, we paired up and turned on and off the overhead lights while we watched our pupils change size.

Shhh! Don’t wake up the lab bats!

Then we learned how bats use echolocation to locate their prey. We are investigating how echolocation works in the pictures below.

Sonar is modeled after echolocation.

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October 23

I’ve Been Slimed!

First graders were chemists in lab.  Making slime is such a fun way to show how states of matter can change!  We mixed two liquids (PVA and a cross-linker solution) and created a solid.  The molecules link together and create a polymer (a long chain of molecules).

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October 16

Our Ducks

Last May, we hatched three ducklings in the Science Lab (Uno, Zip, and Percy).  They live on the retention pond behind the school.  They have imprinted on me, so watch what happens when I call them to eat.  Click below.

Calling Ducks

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October 14

Scientific Process

I asked the children why they think we put water on plants to make them grow?  Could another liquid help a seed grow better than water?  We took this question through the steps of the Scientific Method and completed a lab report.   We tried to keep all the variables (other than the liquid) the same.  We used the same seeds, pots, and soil.  They received the same amount of sunlight and we poured 50ml of the liquid on each seed at the same time.  I had helpers from each class help me apply the liquids (water, Sprite, apple juice, vinegar, and milk) every other day.  We continued this experiment for two weeks.  We had to stop because our milk container suddenly had maggots and the apple juice drew fruit flies.  We also noticed the vinegar smelled. Only the seed that we watered grew at all.  We learned a lot!

October 7

Look at Them Go!

Second grade botanists planted these soup beans.  They are winding in and out of the blinds searching for some sunshine.

Our sweet potato plants are growing well too!

 Look at these bean plants wind their way through the maze.

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October 1


Farmer Sue taught us some interesting facts about donkeys.  Look at the donkeys below.  What do you notice on the back of each of them?  Legend has it that because the donkey carried Jesus into Jerusalem, God marked donkeys with a cross.  Each donkey has a unique cross which is how farmers tell them apart.

the <b>legend of the donkey s</b> cross begins in the bible in mark