October 14

Scientific Process

I asked the children why they think we put water on plants to make them grow?  Could another liquid help a seed grow better than water?  We took this question through the steps of the Scientific Method and completed a lab report.   We tried to keep all the variables (other than the liquid) the same.  We used the same seeds, pots, and soil.  They received the same amount of sunlight and we poured 50ml of the liquid on each seed at the same time.  I had helpers from each class help me apply the liquids (water, Sprite, apple juice, vinegar, and milk) every other day.  We continued this experiment for two weeks.  We had to stop because our milk container suddenly had maggots and the apple juice drew fruit flies.  We also noticed the vinegar smelled. Only the seed that we watered grew at all.  We learned a lot!

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