April 17

Lab Animals

Our bullfrog tadpoles have arrived! How long will it be before we see back legs?

I have taken many pictures of Jabba and Luke, but I only have a few photos of Yoda. He is usually hidden away during the day, but on this morning, he found a cozy place to sleep between two leaves.

Percy and Uno are doing well and enjoying spring. Uno laid an egg last week, but it was eaten by a crow. I was able to show her nest and egg to several classes. These sweet ducks hatched in the lab almost two years ago.

One of my scientists brought me this egg. My classes had fun guessing who might have laid it. It is larger than a chicken’s egg and it has a hard shell. The egg is dirty as though it might have been on the ground and it must be an animal native to Georgia. What do you think? We read, Chickens Aren’t the Only Ones, a story about oviparous animals.

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