May 2

Minnow Tank

We held our second annual Minnow Tank, our name for Shark Tank, this morning. Many, many thanks to Dr. De La Rosa, Mrs. Kurtz, and Mr. Lamkin for sharing their expertise and wisdom with our fourth grade entrepreneurs. It was such an opportunity for our students! The panel gave their ideas about improving, pricing, marketing, and packaging the students’ inventions. This was a memory-making day!

May 2


I reviewed the states of matter (solid, liquid, and gas) with my kindergarten scientists. We discussed how one state of matter can change to another.

Then we placed liquid whipping cream in a jar and churned it, by shaking the jar, until it became solid butter. We drained off the buttermilk and ate our lab!

Click here to watch a short video that we watched prior to making butter.

Try this at home and add honey to your butter.

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