April 30

Another Light Lab

My fourth grade scientists performed several investigations to further understand the properties of light. We used UV lights to write on paper coated with zinc sulfide. Click here and click here to watch us in action. While we were in the dark room, we also turned the lights on and off and observed how our partners’ pupils changed.











Why does the straw appear to be broken when it is placed in water?

When you look on the concave side of a spoon, your reflection is upside down, but when you turn the spoon to the convex side it is right side up. Why?

Mirror writing was a real challenge! can you read this?
uoy era woh olleh

Why does the arrow reverse when you add water to a jar?

After placing a penny under a mason jar, we poured water inside the jar and the penny seemed to disappear just like magic. Click here for more information. Click here to watch us in action.

Water magnifies. Why?

We also looked at several optical illusions.

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