October 15

Light Lab- Part 3

Fourth graders continued their study of light in this lab. We began lab by using a slinky to demonstrate how compression (longitudinal) waves move energy.

Why does the stick look bent in the water? We also investigated an arrow reverse and the word won become the word now when we placed them behind a jar and added water.

How does your reflection change in the concave/convex mirrors?

We placed a penny under the Mason jar. Why did the penny disappear when we poured water from the beaker into the jar? Click here for more information.

 Click here to watch how we used the Plasma Ball to light up fluorescent bulbs and an energy stick. Fascinating!

Periscopes and kaleidoscopes work with light and mirrors, like our microscopes. The root word, scope, means to see and “peri” means around. The kaleidoscope was invented by the Scottish physicist Sir David Brewster in 1816.

I also demonstrated how an overhead projector uses light and I shared this mini projector I found in the toy section of Walmart.

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