November 13

Let’s Talk Turkey!

My PreK scientists are studying turkeys, so this lab focused on feathers. After holding and observing several real feathers, we used symmetry to cut out a feather using the fold as our rachis. Then we cut the barbs on each side of the feather. So pleased with the way my youngest scientists folded and cut their feathers independently! At the end of lab, we played a game to learn more about turkeys.

Image result for diagram of feather


Mrs. Daniel shared her real turkey fan with us!

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November 13

Carbon Dioxide Sandwiches

First grade chemists will study matter throughout the year. In this lab, two groups of lab partners at a time poured two liquids (1/2 cup of warm water and 1/2 cup of vinegar) into a quart size Ziploc bag. Then I folded a tablespoon of solid baking soda inside a small piece of Kleenex, dropped the Kleenex into the bag of liquids, and quickly sealed the bag. Immediately, we watched the bag inflate as a chemical reaction occurred and the bags filled up with carbon dioxide gas. There was so much force on the bags, some of them exploded! Fun!!

Then we tried the experiment a different way. I poured 3 T of vinegar into a bottle and 3 T of baking soda inside a balloon. I turned the balloon upside down and the baking soda fell into the bottle. What blew up the balloon? Click here to watch a video to learn more.

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November 13

Rock On!

Rock Cycle Song
Tune- Row Your Boat

Sedimentary rock
Has been formed in layers,
Often found near water sources
With fossils from decayers.

Then there’s igneous rock
Here since Earth was born,
Molten lava cooled and hardened
That’s how it is formed.

These two types of rocks
Can also be transformed
With pressure, heat, and chemicals
Metamorphic they’ll become.

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