February 11


Kindergarten physicists are exploring the concept of balance. Something is in balance when all the forces that push or pull on it are stable. How is this box balancing? Discrepant events are so much fun!

The children looked at examples of how people use balance for recreational purposes, as well as in their careers. We also learned that animals use their tails to help them balance and in some countries, people transport items by balancing them on top of their heads. We noticed that if we lost our balance on a balance beam or when we stood on one foot, we threw out our arms to regain balance. Balance activities develop spatial awareness and self control.

We practiced balancing on one foot with our eyes open and closed, and then we balanced a book on our head. We walked on a balance beam and then “surfed”on a balance board.

After moving to lab tables, we attempted to balance a ruler and a balance bird.

At the end of lab, my scientists had time to explore some challenging balance games.

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