March 5

Thinking Like a Scientist

I encourage my scientists to ask questions about what they wonder. Everything about this note, left on my desk, makes me happy!

Birds don’t get shocked when they sit on electrical wires because they are not good conductors of electricity. Birds do not offer electrons an easier route than the copper wire they’re already traveling along. As a result, the electricity bypasses the birds and keeps flowing along the wire instead.

March 5

Moon Phases

Second grade astronomers used a Styrofoam ball to see the moon go through its phases. Our body represented the earth and the light was the sun. As we turned, we could see the moon go through the phases.

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March 5

Magnet- Part Four

A paper clip cannot attract another paperclip, or can it?

My first grade scientists discovered that it’s possible to make a temporary magnet if you rub a paper clip or a nail in one direction alongside a bar magnet.

We also used a bar magnet and a case of iron filings to see the magnetic field. Magnets are strongest at their poles.

I spent a few moments sharing some magnetic manipulatives that can be found in the lab.

Sticky Stones

Magnetic Putty

Magnetic Accelerator

Magnetic Levitator

Then it was time to investigate a new force that can also repel and attract- static electricity.

Everyone was fascinated with these fun fly sticks. Click here to learn more.

After rubbing the Styrofoam plate with a piece of wool, it seemed to stick to our hands like magic and we could move the Styrofoam balls without touching the tubes.

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