July 29

Ghost Crabs

Just returned from a perfect week in Isle of Palms with my entire family. One night, some of the cousins went hunting for ghost crabs after dark on the beach. Click here for more information about ghost crabs. So much fun!

They live in deep burrows safe from the hot sun and predators.

Check out the eyes! They are on mobile stalks.

Caught this one eating. They are omnivorous scavengers.

Females carry developing eggs under their bodies before releasing them into the water. Do you see the eggs under this crab?

July 19

Constipated Fish

Before school was out, one of my scientists observed that our pink go fish was swimming in a different manner than the other fish in the tank. We thought it might be dying, but nearly three months later, it is alive and still swimming vertically through the water. My daughter reminded me that many years ago, we noticed her Beta fish swimming the same way. Through her research, she discovered that the Beta was probably constipated. The recommendation for constipated freshwater fish is to feed them peas. I did that today, so here’s hoping, we see some improvement! As Dora would say, “Keep on swimming!” Click here for more information.

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