September 19

Leaf Study

Second grade botanists connected math, science, and art in lab. We used our knowledge of leaves to draw both symmetrical and asymmetrical leaves with a Sharpie. Then after learning the difference between the terms hydrophobic and hydrophilic, we used pipettes to drop water on red, yellow, and blue dots made with Crayola markers in and around the leaves. We watched as the colors diffused. It looks as if leaves are swirling in the sky during a beautiful sunset.

We planted pumpkin and corn seeds last week. They are sprouting.
Did you notice the diversity?

Two weeks ago, each class placed a sweet potato in water inside one of my cabinets. We wondered if the potatoes would think they were underground and begin to grow? Both are growing, but we have different results. Why? The one with more roots is an organic potato. Did that make a difference? Scientists always repeat experiments to check the validity of their conclusions.

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