January 13


Soil consists of minerals, air, water, and organic material. It is the foundation of many ecosystem, so as fourth grade continued their study of ecosystems, this lab focused on the properties of soil. Click here to watch an informative video about soil.

We placed soil in a jar with water and shook it vigorously. As the sediments settled, we saw the layers or the texture of  the soil- floating organic material, water, clay particles, silt, and sand. Students will continue to watch the layers settle in their homeroom classes.

Then, classes tested the water retention of the three soils. We poured 20o mL of water into graduated cylinders, filled with loam, sand, or clay. The three classes had different results, but in all three classes, sand held more water in the funnel, and clay always allowed more water through.

In which soil will bean seeds grow the best?  Fourth grade scientists are taking this experiment through the Scientific Process. We are attempting to keep all other variables the same (light, water, cups, and kinds of seeds) to discover if the seeds will sprout and thrive in clay, loam, or sand.  What is your hypothesis?

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