January 16

Makerspace Skills

Engineering labs are always a favorite! The purpose is to teach our students skills which they can apply in STEM projects. In this lab, we learned how to connect cardboard in a variety of ways (without using an abundance of tape or glue). Click here to learn more. Then, my engineers were tasked with building a structure using the slot method.

I shared some real-world examples of the slot method.

This engineer discovered how to make a structure that collapses like the one below.

Marielle went home and built another design! Wow!

January 16

Not a Stick

PreK scientists are studying the forest, so our lab focused on trees. After learning the parts of a tree (trunk, branch, twig, and leaves), we looked at a collection of sticks and noted the diversity. Some were long and thin, while others were short and thick. Some of the sticks were covered with lichen and others were curved or branched.

After reading, Not a Stick. we used our imaginations to pretend the sticks on our papers were items other than sticks. Divergent thinking is hard work! What a fun way to connect science, reading, and art. Click here to watch a video of the story. Who is speaking to the pig?