January 30

Melting and Freezing

We began lab, by sorting beanie baby animals that do and do not live in the forest.

Sometimes, there is ice and snow in the forest, I gave each of my PreK scientists an ice cube and as they pushed them around the table, they began to melt. Why? I explained that our hands don’t feel cold because the cold is going into our hands, but rather, we feel cold because the heat is leaving our hands to warm up the ice.

Then my youngest scientists drew snowmen faces on freezer bags. We filled them half-way with water, and brought them to the walk-in freezer in the kitchen next to the dining hall. It was so cold that we could see our breath! The following day, we took them out of the freezer. What will happen next? Thank you Mrs. Posey for allowing us to visit the kitchen.

Click here to use an interactive thermometer. Try this again at home. How long does it take an ice cube to melt? 

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