August 17

Back in the Lab!

I read the book, What is Science?, to introduce science lab to my kindergarten scientists. Click here to watch the story on YouTube. Science is a tool to discover the wonders of God!

Then,we learned how to use a pipette. My young chemists used micro pipettes to fill circles of various sizes on wax paper and foil. We discussed the properties of each material. For example: The foil was shiny and reflected light. We could see through the wax paper, but the foil was opaque.

While we strengthened our finger muscles manipulating the pipettes, we investigated the properties of water and air. Water stayed on top of these materials, and the drops of water stayed together (cohesion). Although we couldn’t see the air because it is a gas, we had to squeeze it out before we were able to pull the water inside.

Do you have a baster or eye dropper at home? They make great bath toys and work just like a pipette!