September 13

Sound and Sight – One More Sensory Lab

Kindergarten scientists began lab with an optical illusion. Stare at this image for 30 seconds, look at the ceiling, and blink a couple of times. Who do you see?

Jesus optical illusions | Liturgy

Our physics investigations continued. Why does your image appear upside down on the concave side of the spoon and right side up on the other?

Mirascopes are a favorite of mine! Place the item inside the mirascope and it appears on top – a hologram. It looks like you can touch it, but it is just the illusion of the object. Click here and here to learn more about this fun physics toy. My students were amazed and perplexed!

The clip and the bell are inside the hole and they appear as if you could pick them up! There is actually nothing there!








































My physicists couldn’t wait to touch the sphere inside the cups on their lab tables. Click here to learn more about water marbles. When I filled the cup with water, the sphere disappeared from sight. Why? When we looked through the water spheres, images were upside down, just like the spoon. They bounce too!











We recalled from last week that sound travels more easily through solids. We wrapped the string (tied around the spoon) around our fingers, stuck our fingers in our ears, and banged the spoons against the tables. Wow, it sounded like a bell was ringing! Try this at home with a metal hanger against a variety of surfaces!











Lots of thought-provoking observations and questions during this lab which is where all great learning begins!

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