September 30


PreK scientists have been studying squirrels. How do squirrels keep from falling when they are jumping from tree to tree? That discussion led us to the topic of balance.

We tried to balance on one foot and then the other. We even tried to stand on one foot with our eyes closed! Can you balance a book on your head?

I challenged my youngest physicists to balance a variety of other objects. They especially enjoyed balance bird. How does it balance on a pencil eraser and the tip of your finger?






























At the end of lab, we worked in collaborative pairs and used balance to build structures from a model. As we balanced the blocks, we strengthened our eye hand coordination and visual perception skills. Try this at home.

To exit the room, we walked across a balance beam.
Click here to watch a video about how to keep your bike in balance.

A big thank you to Mrs. Lilge for helping me take photos today!