October 14


Today was a warm fall day, so it was the perfect opportunity to do an evaporation water lab. Kindergarten scientists began lab by pondering two questions: Where do puddles go after it rains?  What is a cloud?

I explained that water rises into the air in a process called evaporation. We can’t see the water vapor in the air because it is a gas. We looked at pictures and animations of the water cycle. Click here to watch a video about the water cycle. (We didn’t watch this in lab, so it would be a good review.) We are referring to water vapor, when we say that it is humid.

This means that we are drinking the same water as the dinosaurs drank! God gifted us with water at creation, and we use the same water over and over again. That’s why we want to keep our water supply clean!

Then we moved outside to paint with water. We used three tools: a syringe, baster, and paintbrush. These are great tools to strengthen developing finger muscles. We experienced how air pulls the water inside the syringe and baster.























































































As the water evaporated, our art disappeared. Did the water evaporate faster in the shade or in the sun? One scientist asked if we were painting with colored water because the sidewalk appeared darker. Another asked that if we covered a water spot with a bucket, could we stop evaporation? And then another squirted water into the groove between the sidewalk squares, and watched how it traveled in the track. Never lose your sense of wonder!

I purchased the basters and the syringes at the Dollar Store and the paintbrushes at Walmart. You can purchase all three for under $4.00! This is a fun activity to do at home! Try a spray bottle too. Use this opportunity to paint letters, numbers, and shapes.

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