November 14

Sink and Float Squids

After a brief lesson about the body parts and habitat of squids, I brought out my trained squid. At my command, Squiddy sank and dove in the bottle. Then each kindergarten scientist tried to train their squids, but they wouldn’t move! This led us back to a discussion about why objects sink and float. We discovered that when we squeezed our bottles, the squids sank, but when we released the pressure on the bottles, the squids rose. Why? Click here for more information about this product from Steve Spangler science. You may have performed this classic investigation in school with Cartesian divers. Click here to watch real squids swim.

These squids glow in the dark, so we carried them to the conference room, and I turned on the UV lights. We felt as if we were really under the sea swimming with squids! We even heard the song, Under the Sea, playing.

We had a few minutes at the end of lab to hypothesize whether full cans of soda and water would sink or float. The cans were all the same size, so why did the Coke can sink? Could it be all that sugar inside? Click here to learn more about this investigation. Try this at home.

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