February 13


Throughout the year, kindergarten biologists study animals and their habitats around the world, including the farm, Arctic, desert, savanna, and rain forest. In this lab, we focused on the desert. We used kinetic (motion) sand to create a desert ecosystem. What do you see in the desert? Which animals make a home there? Why don’t you see many animals during the day? Click here to watch a video about the desert.

What a great sensory experience and just look at the creativity!

I have a background in early childhood education and believe in the value of activities that develop eye hand coordination and dexterity. I have been doing similar exercises in rehab to strengthen my fractured wrist!

Before we went to the lab tables, we learned that we live on the earth’s crust.

Three major types of soil are found on the crust: loam, clay, and sand.

We spent a few minutes observing cacti and marveled how quickly the resurrection plant opened when we placed it in water. Click here to watch this plant’s remarkable adaptation.

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