March 8


Kindergarten scientists studied air properties with a bubble lab – a perfect mix of learning and fun! Bubbles are iridescent, like the other items in this photo. Such an interesting phenomena!

The air in the bubbles takes up space and forms spheres. Look for spheres at home. Circles are 2D shapes, while spheres are three-dimensional. Even when I blew bubbles with the wands below, the bubbles were still spheres. Why? It’s all about surface tension. When we blew bubbles on our trays, we saw hemispheres. Make some wands in various shapes from pipe cleaners and try this at home. To make our bubble blowers, I snipped off the ends of pipettes. They were excited to take them home after lab! Click here to watch an informative video about bubbles with your child. I used Steve Spangler’s bubble solution.

Do you see the bubble inside the bubble?

We formed cube bubbles with square sides inside a cube and made connections between math and science.

I  demonstrated how to make bubble snakes. Click here for directions.

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