March 23


Before we began our matter lab, we reviewed static electricity concepts from last week and I demonstrated the static flyer. Click here to find out more. We are training to be Jedi!

I opened a carbonated beverage, and poured the liquid into a baby bottle. The nipple did not have a hole inside it, so look what happened when I shook the bottles! What gas filled the nipples?

Exploding Diet Coke and Mentos was a fun way to review matter concepts. We dropped solid Mentos into liquid Diet Coke to create a gas, carbon dioxide. We changed a variable and placed three, then five, then seven Mentos into the launcher. Click here  to read why this reaction occurs. I noticed that Diet Coke streamed higher in afternoon classes. Why? Could the warmer temperatures have made a difference?

The reaction when three Mentos dropped:

Five Mentos:

Seven Mentos:

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March 23

They Hatched

Animals that lay eggs are oviparous. Can you name animals that are oviparous? Click here to watch this video (with your scientists) for the answer. Can you see the difference between the two types of tadpoles? Hmmm, or are those salamanders?