March 23


Before we began our matter lab, we reviewed static electricity concepts from last week and I demonstrated the static flyer. Click here to find out more. We are training to be Jedi!

I opened a carbonated beverage, and poured the liquid into a baby bottle. The nipple did not have a hole inside it, so look what happened when I shook the bottles! What gas filled the nipples?

Exploding Diet Coke and Mentos was a fun way to review matter concepts. We dropped solid Mentos into liquid Diet Coke to create a gas, carbon dioxide. We changed a variable and placed three, then five, then seven Mentos into the launcher. Click here  to read why this reaction occurs. I noticed that Diet Coke streamed higher in afternoon classes. Why? Could the warmer temperatures have made a difference?

The reaction when three Mentos dropped:

Five Mentos:

Seven Mentos:

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