January 1

You’re Going to Want to Make These!

I’ve always loved paper engineering! These paper 3D snowflakes or stars are so simple to make and look beautiful and professional! Hang them at home or in your classroom. They make great party decorations. All you need is glue, scissors, paper lunch bags, and twine, fishing line, or ribbon to hang them.

Glue nine paper lunch bags together. Brown paper bags create a different look. What happens if you use less or more bags? In the video below, she used only seven.

Place glue across the bottom of the bag and a strip up the middle to the top to create an upside-down T. Be sure to glue the bags in the same manner. Don’t turn any of the bags over and match the corners of the bags carefully. Press between each bag to secure your glue. I have used Elmers’s glue and glue sticks. Allow the glue time to dry before cutting.

To make smaller snowflakes, trim off the top.

Begin cutting shapes in your glued bags. Cutting through so many layers can be challenging, so children may need assistance, or you can cut through several layers at a time. My favorite scissors are Fiskars.

After you finish cutting, take hold of the two inside bags and pull around to create a large circle. Attach the two ends together. I found double-sided tape works well or you can use the suggestion in the video below.  Make another because it’s hard to make just one!

Click here for video directions.

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