January 10

Success!! Couldn’t Wait to Share

Bubble science was always a favorite of my science classes. Creating frozen bubbles is a fun winter extension! I saw this activity on science websites, but I tried it without success last winter. I recently read the following tips to improve outcomes.

  1. Place the bubble solution in the fridge to chill the solution before you go outside. I also found it helpful to leave the solution outside for a period of time before you begin.
  2. Don’t blow into the bubble wands because your breath will warm the solution; Wave your wand instead.

I discovered that the bubbles adhered to some surfaces better than others. Click here for additional suggestions. Then wait for a day below freezing (the lower the temps, the better) and enjoy!

Temperatures were in the upper twenties when I investigated frozen bubbles, but my friend, Ellen (a kindred spirit), had even greater success in Louisville when the temperatures dropped to the single digits.

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