May 24


Don’t forget dragonflies when you study insects! These colorful predators are captivating! Dragonflies can fly up to 30 miles per hour.

Before you begin your investigation of dragonflies, access your students’ background knowledge. Give each child two 3×5 cards. On one card write true and on the other false. Read statements like those below and ask your child (students) to hold up the card he/she believes is the correct response. Revisit these statements after you study dragonflies.

  1. Dragonflies have three body parts.
  2. Dragonflies go through metamorphosis.
  3. Watch out! Dragonflies can sting.
  4. A dragonfly lays its eggs on flowers.
  5. Like all other insects, dragonflies have six legs.
  6. A dragonfly’s skin stretches as it grows.
  7. Just like butterflies, dragonflies drink nectar from flowers.
  8. Dragonflies have compound eyes.
  9. A dragonfly can fly backward and hover.
  10. A dragonfly has two wings.
  11. Dragonflies spend most of their lives in the water.
  12. Birds eat dragonflies.

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