June 2


While in Sanibel, Florida, I visited the Bailey’s-Matthew National Shell Museum. The exhibits focus on mollusks. My favorite exhibit was the Giant Pacific Octopus. Click here to go to the live cam and watch this engaging octopus!

Some fun facts I learned:
An octopus is a mollusk. Not all mollusks have shells.
This is the largest octopus species. Adults can grow to 150 pounds with an arm span of 12 feet.
Each arm has over 200 suckers. Each sucker can pick up 30 pounds!
An octopus has three hearts and blue blood.
As soon as an octopus mates, it begins dying, so this octopus will always live alone.
An octopus is a skilled escape artist. The museum staff holds regular octopus escape drills.

Can you locate the siphon, eye, two rows of suckers, and mantle?

Click here to watch full screen.

Click here to watch full screen.

My husband and I enjoyed watching the documentary, My Octopus Teacher, on Netflix. Click here for the preview.

See the source image

Make an octopus craft to develop fine motor skills. Cutting, rolling, and attaching the stickers will help my youngest scientists strengthen dexterity and the coordination of small muscles. Click here for further directions.

See the source image

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