July 26

Cohesion and Adhesion

I took these photos at the Missouri Botanical Garden after a summer storm. Notice how the water appears on each item below. What do you wonder? Scroll under the photos to learn two properties of water.

I captured this photo one foggy morning last fall. Use small spray bottles to mist water onto webs to replicate what happened.

Cohesion and adhesion are properties of water. Cohesion occurs when water molecules are attracted to each other and clump (bond) together in drops. Adhesion occurs when water molecules are attracted to other materials.

Click here to use a penny to demonstrate these concepts.

Click here to use page protectors for a fun way to investigate these properties.

Click here to use foil and pipettes with your youngest scientists.

Click here to see my former students perform the experiment in the following video.
Click here for full screen.

This is always a fun demo! Click here for full screen.

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