October 4

Grizzly Bears

When my husband and I were in Yellowstone and the surrounding areas, we were frequently reminded that encountering grizzly bears was a real possibility and warned not to hike without bear spray.

I saw two bears from a distance but was unable to photograph them. These photos were captured by my friends, Susan and Ted, who live in Montana.

Click here for full screen.

Felt as if I was on a bear hunt which reminded me of one of my favorite children ‘s books. This story is easily dramatized and it’s always fun to add sound effects using your body, common objects, or instruments. Use this book as an engaging way to teach positional words (under, over, and through) as well as descriptive words (long and wavy), and onomatopoeia (sound words). I have made a map of this story on a long sheet of bulletin board paper with prior classes to introduce map skills and to retell and sequence the events.

See the source image

Click here for the Safeshare link. (Slightly different version). Click here to watch full screen.

Click here for the Safeshare link. Click here to watch full screen.

Note: We were told to never run from a grizzly bear!

Click here to check out Fat Bear Week 2022. Click here to watch the bears live.

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