November 19


I find the analytics on my science blog fascinating! I can’t see who is visiting, but the data tells me from where a viewer is visiting and when he/she reads my blog. I’ve had more international visitors recently. In the past, those visitors have been parents traveling for business.

October 22

Here Comes the Bride

I rarely share personal news on my blog, but I am making an exception for this special occasion! My daughter and her fiancĂ© are getting married on Friday – just the two of them at the courthouse in Chicago. When we began this journey over a year ago, we never envisioned the day looking like this, but it is the best choice for now, and we are focused on the joy! Thank you for indulging this mama!

I thought I would update this and add a photo that was taken after their courthouse wedding. It was rainy and cold, but nothing could dampen their happiness.


July 23

Solar Energy

I teach third grade scientists about solar energy as an alternative energy source. I hung solar lamps over my deck this summer and I look forward to them glowing each evening. The intricate patterns on the globes create beautiful light patterns.

February 9

Snow Day

I loved everything about this day! I sat in front of the fire reading, as I watch the unexpected snow fall. I imagined how excited my students felt finally seeing snow and imagined what fun they were having with their families. I can’t wait to hear all about their adventures when school resumes on Monday. There is something special about a snowstorm in Georgia!

July 29

Ghost Crabs

Just returned from a perfect week in Isle of Palms with my entire family. One night, some of the cousins went hunting for ghost crabs after dark on the beach. Click here for more information about ghost crabs. So much fun!

They live in deep burrows safe from the hot sun and predators.

Check out the eyes! They are on mobile stalks.

Caught this one eating. They are omnivorous scavengers.

Females carry developing eggs under their bodies before releasing them into the water. Do you see the eggs under this crab?