March 13

Tie Dye Shirts

What a fun and creative way to make tie-dye shirts.  The children colored shirts with sharpies and then we dropped rubbing alcohol on them to give the shirts a tie-dye look.  The children loved them!  Thanks Kimberly for planning a fun and creative Parent Spot!



December 7

Geometry and Art

To enrich our geometry unit, Mrs. McGuire (KRCS Admissions Director) shared her love of quilting.  She explained the history of quilting and demonstrated how she designs and makes quilts. So grateful she took the time to share her talents with us!  The slideshow below contains some of the quilts she shared with us.

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October 25

Stitchery Project

Andy was the first one to complete his pumpkin stitchery today.  It’s a great activity to develop eye hand coordination, spatial awareness, and problem solving.  It is lots of fun too!  More pictures coming soon…


March 18

Kiwanis Art Show

Ms. McGuire chose a few students from our class to represent second grade in the Kiwanis Art Show.  It was certainly a difficult choice for her because there is so much talent in this grade level!  Congratulations to Isabella, Rylee, Oivia, Emma Grace, Mason, and Christopher!