September 15


We look forward to using our actiVotes.  ActiVotes are part of a fun learner response system used for assessment and polls on the activboard.  Everyone has the opportunity to participate simultaneously and the teacher can choose how the results are displayed.  Children have instant feedback and teachers can track progress and download the data into a spreadsheet. When we watch a Brain Pop video, there is always a quiz following the video to test our recall and understanding of the information that was presented. What a great tool to engage everyone in the learning process!
A side note:  Brain Pop Jr. is available as an app on your iPad.

March 13


Use this poem and link to review space concepts.

This is a fun site for children to learn more about space.  We explored it in the computer lab.

Go to NASA Kid’s Club.  Click here.

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March 1


Second grade skyped with an astronaut! Click here for the bio Colonel Kimbrough. It was an awesome experience!  Both adults and children learned so much about the space program!

This is a short segment from the 50 minutes we spent skyping.

A big thank you to Mrs. Daugherty for organizing this event for us!

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