May 8

Second Lab Helper

This scientist won the opportunity to be my lab helper for the day. We fed the lab animals, went to kindergarten play practice, put up an International Day bulletin board, and set-up, taught, and cleaned-up four labs. He ate lunch with the other teachers and was able to choose selections from the adult salad bar. What a fun day for us both!

May 8

Invention Convention and Minnow Tank

A few weeks ago, we held our third annual Fourth Grade Invention Convention. Students shared their inventions with their classmates and teachers. Today, the students participated in the Minnow Tank, our version of the TV show Shark Tank. Three community business leaders volunteered their time to provide feedback and encouragement to the participants. The inventors received ideas for improving their products, as well as suggestions for marketing and pricing.

What an opportunity for these students! As the entrepreneurs worked through the Design Process to solve a real problem, they developed twenty-first century skills, such as perseverance, creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving. This was an optional activity and I am proud of these girls for going beyond expectations. Inventors received a medal for participating. Next year, we will open this project to third and fourth graders. Maybe one of them will change our world!

April 22

Class Poet

The children really enjoyed our poetry unit and I am finding poems in their journals. These poems are by Laken.


Blank pages
Waiting to be filled
With wonderful poems

Muscles at work-
Flying, spinning,
Heart beating.
Then smack,
Off the track!

September 26

WOW (Work on Writing)

We have a new writing center. Children may work there after their reading centers are completed. There are a variety of activities from which to choose. I added a template for making lists which has been very popular. Max made this list for his work with Minecraft. Love seeing them choose to practice writing!

September 10

Student Council

So proud of the time that these candidates took to prepare their speeches and for having the courage to stand before their peers. All six were excellent candidates! Congratulations to all of them for demonstrating leadership and for having the desire to serve their classmates.