July 19


I spend lots of time working in my garden.  We have always had snakes, and I understand the benefits of having them.  However, we had two copperheads this spring, a neighbor killed one between our yards, and I caught another one in my garage this week!  I was home alone, so the fear of it returning to my garden overcame my fear of capturing it.  Oh the joys of living in the South!

July 14

Word Apps

KRCS gave each teacher an i Pad prior to the end of school. The technology department wanted us to “play” with the i Pads this summer, so we can use them confidently with our students this coming year. We had several training sessions before school was out and there is an optional workshop next week.

One of my favorite new apps is appsgonefree. Each day a few apps go free for a short time to build a greater fan base. I have found several word games that I wanted to share with you. The first app is Dabble. It is also a board game. After you are given random letters, you have five minutes to create a two, three, four, five, and six letter word.  I used my knowledge of phonics to create words. For example, “qu” and “ex” are often found together in words. I looked for “ing,” digraphs (sh, ch, and th), and vowel teams (ai, oi, ee, ea). Also, every word and syllable contains a vowel.

Dabble Game Board

The other two apps are Word Grind and Bubble in Paradise. In each of these apps, letters appear and you score by combining them to form words. All three are fun and a great way to practice spelling skills.  (I did have to turn the music off because I found it distracting.)

Have you found any great new educational apps?  Leave a comment to tell us your favorites.

Bubble in Paradise

Word Grind

July 12

Summer Vacation

I sure am enjoying my time off, but I miss everyone and wonder what adventures each of you have had this summer.  I just returned from a visit to Kentucky and Ohio to see my family.  Kelsey was able to drive in too.  I’ve been able to complete lots of projects around the house and my kitchen is in the process of being renovated (LONG overdue!).  I’ve braved the heat and added to my garden.  So grateful for the rain this week!  Love working out and getting lots of rest!  I’m also spending a little time at school doing a mini-makeover of my classroom.   Please leave a comment and give us the highlights of your summer.

July 12

New Series

I love discovering new series for my classroom library. When I visited my niece and nephew, rising third and fifth graders, they recommended two new series. I have read half of the first book in each series and they are great fantasy stories.

The first series of four chapter books is Nathaniel Fludd, Beastologist  by LaFevers. The books chronicle the adventures of young Nathaniel “Nate” Fludd, a beastologist in training, who travels the world in search of mythical beasts like the phoenix and unicorn.

Beastologist Home Page








The second series of three chapter books is Doll People by Martin. This story is about the adventures of a doll family who has lived in a dollhouse for over 100 years.


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June 4

That’s all Folks!

Well, this will be my final post for this school year.  I’ve loved taking photos of your children and I will miss sharing our days with you.  I’ve chosen a couple of my favorite photos of each child for this last slideshow.  As you watch the slideshow, listen to the song below.  It’s sappy, but I love it!

June 1

More Thanks for Mrs. Yeska

Today Mrs. Yeska was honored at our staff luncheon.  Mrs. Borain spoke of Paula’s generosity to the Media Center.  Over her 11 years at KRCS, Mrs. Yeska has donated hundreds of books.  Some of her former students are holding up a portion of the books she has donated.  What a special lady!

May 31

Fifth Grade Recognition

Each year KRCS recognizes the fifth graders.  Moving to Middle School is exciting!  The recognition begins with the fifth grade walking through the Lower School halls for the last time on their way to the gym.  The students, faculty, and parents applaud them as they pass.  During the ceremony, the students thank their parents as well as their current and past teachers.  The students make a fun slideshow with Mrs. Williams and there is an additional slideshow with photos of each student.  The students are recognized individually and given a Wordle which contains the character traits listed by their classmates to describe each of them.  Finally, the Middle School principal welcomes the class.  Love watching my previous students each year!  Both Danielle and Steven had sisters in this class.  Congratulations to them all!

Fifth Grade Walk

Fifth Grade Sings to Parents

Fifth Grade Sings to Parents

Individual Recognition